Why Not Pendrives?

Pen drive is used for the similar purpose as the Floppy Disk and the CDs of earlier days were used. Pen drive is a USB which is specially made for storing the data. It is a data storage device. For computing systems, it works as a mobile storage and has become more common and affordable form of storage device. In today’s generation, from small kids entered into the schooling to the senior citizen of the country are using it as the best device to store all their data.

From the above statements, you might have come to know about what pen drive is. So why do pen drive is being used by all? It is a very simple answer. The pen drive now has the storage capacity up to 128GB, which much more than enough for all the individuals. It is lightweight and portable. Anyone can use it for storing the data.

Thus, pen drives have been used widely all over the universe. So, why not pen drives can be used for promoting your brand? Rather it is the best option for you to promote your company through pen drives. You also can store data into it about your company details, achievement, and much more.

You achieve two targets for your company by distributing pen drives. First, you get the attention and the consideration of the people who receive it and secondly, you also exploring about your company as you store data in it about your company.

There are varieties of pen drives available in Customshape.in. It is a right place for you if you choose to present pen drives for promoting your company. The huge varieties of pen drives are found here. You can have your customized design for the pen drives apart from the available varieties. You also can have your brand logo on the pen drives.

The available varieties of pen drives are:


PVC USB is made in your own customized design. You are the one who will be designing your pen drive. The design can be based on your brand logo or image. It can be anything that you suggest. You also can have the data about your company loaded into it. The memory sizes are also will be as defined by you i.e. 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, etc.

OTG Pendrives

OTG Pendrives, OTG is the abbreviation of On-The-Go. It simply means that this kind of device can be used even in your mobile phones in the way of traveling. Mobile phones may not have much storage spaces for having the collection of data. For such purpose, the data can be stored in the Pendrives and used by mobile phones too. Thus, it is more useful for an individual. so you can present this as a promotional product by printing your brand logo on it.

Diary with USB

Diary with USB is used for two purposes as it is the combination of both dairy and USB. Diary, for writing or make notes of things that are to be used and are important too and USB, for storing and retrieving the data from it. You can have your logo on it.

Pen with USB

Pen with USB is a new style of caring USB along wherever you go. It is in the shape of a simple pen but it contains pen drive within it. It is easily portable anywhere and everywhere. You can have your logo printed on it and data stored in it.

Crystal USB

Crystal USB, a very attractive and pretty in look. It’s look catches the attention of all those who receive it. When your brand logo is engraved on it, it will be more stunning. It is obvious to have a good promotion of your brand while promoting it through such a spectacular product.

Wristband USB

Wristband USB is another product which makes easy carriage of data from one place to another. The user just needs to wear it on his or her hand like the wrist watch or any bands that are worn fashionably. It would be more like fashionable and trendy to wear wristband USB engraved with your brand logo.

Credit Card USB

Credit Card USB is a new and trendy style to present the pen drive in credit card shape. It is easy to carry, slim and smart card for USB. You can have the print of your brand logo on any of the sides of the card and store all the details about your company too.

There are also more varieties of Pendrives in Customshape.in; you can visit them from here. You will find more attractive Pendrives at reasonable cost which can be used for promotional giveaways for your brand.

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