Promotional Power Bank: Best Value For Your Money And Your Company

Why promotional gifting?

Promotional products are nothing but items which people use in their daily lives. It could be anything umbrella or a mug or any other such thing which your client or customers can use in their daily life. When such items with company name imprinted on it is distributed to customers then these items make your company name noticed to the user every time they use it. If one is going to promote and market their brands then it should be done in best way. You don’t want to end up giving unwanted gifts that would lead to some promotion fail. So it’s very important to choose what gift will you use and how well useful it would be for the users.

Why power bank?

Nowadays everyone rely on their mobile devices such as smartphones continues to increase, so does the need for convenient power sources. To fill that needs power banks have stepped in and are now in high demand. So it will be great choice for promoting and marketing your brand. These are things you should know so that you can choose right power bank.

So what exactly is a power bank?

It is a special battery used to charge almost any USB-charged mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, portable speakers, GPS devices, GoPros, and MP3 players. They are also known as portable batteries, power stations, batter banks, mobile batteries, and external batteries.

How does it work?

These banks store electrical energy that can be used later to charge your mobile device. It has a Mini or Micro USB port to receive power and can be charged with the help of wall-charger or from a computer. Using a wall charger is faster. It later discharges energy to your device via a full size USB port. It has includes an LED indicator to show how much charge they currently hold. Few power banks also have a safety cut-off to prevent overcharging and overheating. Power banks usually include an LED indicator to show how much charge they currently hold. Some also have a safety cut-off to prevent overcharging and overheating. Once your power bank is fully charged, disconnect it from the power source.

How much charge does power banks hold?

The capacity of power bank is often measured in milli ampere hours or mAh. It defines the power bank’s “power rating” or “real capacity” and expresses the capacity for power flow over time. The capacity of 2,200 – 2,600 mAh battery helps one  mobile phone  full charge,  5200  mAh battery  gives two mobile phone  full charges and 10,000 mAh battery can full charge upto four mobile phones.

How long should it last?

It depends on 2 things. First, the quality of the components and second, how long it holds its charge when not in use. It also depends on the manufacturing affect and the charging cycles it can reliably complete.

How can one prolong the life of power bank?

  • Before using your power bank the first time, make sure to charge it to 100%. Manufacturers often charge banks only to 30to 40%.
  • Once your power bank reaches 100% charge, remove it from the charging cable.
  • Store your power bank with at least a 30% charge. Storing a bank with low or no power decreases its life.
  • Charge your mobile devices before they get below 20% charge. Do not wait until you are <5% charged before you use the power bank. It will take longer and use my power to charge your device.
  • Store your power bank at room temperature. Extreme hot or cold temperatures decrease the lifespan of your power bank.

What types of power banks are good for promoting your brand?

Now that we know power banks are best option for your brand promoting, it is as important to select best product for it. There are various types of it; you can select any one which is best suitable.

  • Leather Finish Power banks : – if you need something elegant classy product for your high end clients or customers leather finish power banks are perfect for it. It looks exquisite and comes in various colors. It has power range capacity between 6,000 mAh – 9,000 mAh.
  • Power Glow Caplet Power Banks: – This is perfect power bank which is mini and compact and more over it has glow lighting which would be perfect for your branding. The power capacity of such power comes in range 3,000 mAh – 6,000 mAh.
  • Triangular shape Power Bank: – It is perfect and comes with grip and moreover it has built-in torch for emergency light. The power capacity of such power comes in range 6,000 mAh – 9,000 mAh.
  • Ultra Slim power bank: – This 4,000 mAh powered portable slim power bank keep your mobile charged all the time, anywhere. It is very slim and easy to grab on and has 4 LED indicators to show the battery level.

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