Promotional Gifts On This Independence Day

Independent Day is one of the national festivals where we remember our forefathers, freedom fighters and all those who took efforts to bring freedom to our nation. Thus, this day is really a special day for us all Indians.

Each citizen is passionate and patriot for such a day to be celebrated everywhere, even at the working places. So it is the opportunity to expose the devotion towards the nation and promotion for the brand as well.

As a business man as well as a citizen of the nation, how would you celebrate this day? The best way is to do it through the Promotional Products.

Here are some generic products that can be used for promoting the brand as well as for making the employees to feel the devotion for the country.


Everyone loves to wear the clothes with the tricolor on an independent day. So it would be the coolest way to present your employees with the apparels like shirts, t-shirts, hoodies and zip hoodies, with the imprint of your brand logo and tri-color or any National Quotes. This can show the unity of the nation among your employees as well as may create your brand awareness among those who are around them.


Indian Flag Badges are always famous among all the Indians. So this is another choice to present the batches with Indian Flag or Map along with your brand logo imprinted on them. This kind of gift can be bought at reasonable prices; also can be unique among other badges.


Caps are among the products which easily catches the eye-balls of the viewers towards anyone who wears it. The caps can be imprinted with the tricolor and the image of Indian Flag at the front side of the cap would look too cool if someone wears it. Also, you can imprint the logo of your company at both the sides of the caps.


Mugs can be presented to the employees on such occasion with the imprint of national heroes images, any inspiring quotes said by the national heroes, or with the tricolor. Along with this, you can also have the imprint of the logo of your brand to promote your brand.

Wrist Band

Wrist band is worn as fashionable these days, so on this day, you can present your employees with the stylish tri-color wrist bands. On the band along with the tricolor, you also can imprint your logo on it. This could be so stylish and trendy among the young employees. offers range of products for promoting so that corporations can purchase for their employees and workforce.  They provide customized power banks, mobile accessories, USB drives, apparel, bags, backpacks, etc. They also provide office accessories such as a personal diary, daily planner, calendars, and calculators, clocks, with engraving your company’s or your brand name.”

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