Employees that understand their employers care about them and their wellbeing are far . Health care products make a positive statement about the attitude of your company. It’s hard to avoid health attribute. As now days everyone has hectic daily scheduled in which they can’t paying attention on their health is often overlooked Although Promotional industry can offer common freebies such as mugs, pens and water bottles etc., but these traditional and cliched items do not evoke the desired response from the target audience. For better impact and brand exposure, pick the promotional products associated with health and fitness.

Here is collection of Promotional Products for Healthcare you should order to promote your brand, but first, take a look at some of medical promotional products listed below.

# Sonic Soulfit Band V08 

A lifestyle product for fitness conscious and ambitious people. It is combination of Fitness band and Bluetooth calling device. It monitors heart rate, blood pressure, sleep time and also tracks our walking steps.

# Yoga Mat

Promotional yoga mat is great option for gifting. It is available in different colors and prints. Variants prints can be customized by branding logo.

# Tea Kit

Tea kit is another good option for gifting. Tea kit contain varieties of herbal tea which are beneficial to health. And It is best gift for tea lovers.

# Personalized Sun Safe kit

Personalized sun safe kit is another good option. Keep your customer safe from sun damage. This useful kit contains SPF 30 Sunscreen packet, aloe Vera gel packet, and bandages inside small box with company logo on top of box.

# Pocket First Aid Kit

Branded pocket first aid kit come handy when some patient requires urgent medical attention while no doctor is around. Kit contains a cold packs, scissors, tweezers, latex gloves, bandage, and a roll of tape and alcohol swabs.

Health care products are great option for promotional gifting. The freebies generate goodwill for your company among the recipients. share your comments below if you have any unique idea for your employees.