How Should One Proceed While Selecting the Best Promotional Products for their clients?

A simple and straight-forward definition of promotional products is any product which has a specific company branding and is used by them for marketing purpose. It could be a simple pen worth a penny or could be any item worth 10000/- . Main motive for investing in these products is to catch eyeballs or attentions and to promote brand.

Who invests in these merchandises?

Everyone! From Doctors to IT firms to governmental offices everyone requires promotion, branding at some point or other. In developing country like India, every new company or brand is launched in every few minutes. So to sum up the target audience for this is huge and expanding everyday!

How to get a break-through in any company?

There are certain ways and tactics to get in touch with exact concern person who is responsible for the same. I personally follow certain rules or steps to get things done.

  • Keep updated about new brands being launched. One can get these updates on internet itself.
  • Get credentials of anyone in the management team of same.
  • Choose your target person i.e. marketing head/ associate is also fine.
  • Explain about your company and few of your past but interesting case studies.
  • Know each and every minute detail about the products you are going to propose.
  • Know your customer’s interests. It is difficult at times but good practice always helps.
  • Understand customers motive behind this and plan your conversation accordingly.
  • Let customer be the one more talkative! Ask them as many question as you want. The more he/she speaks the more you get clear picture of what you are going to pitch-in.

Off-course these are not “Bible” steps to achieve any customer, but you can certainly be the smart one!

What are the parameters to be kept in mind while proposing products to customers?

This is the crucial part of any deal. Pitching-in perfect suitable products to customers can increase the chance of acquiring by 70%. While doing this make sure you are in touch with your customers. Keeping him/her in loop helps a lot. There are certain parameters which one should keep in mind:

  • Customer’s motive: Why is he/she investing in these products? Why does he/she need these?
    For example if customer needs some promotional product for any trade show or any pharmaceutical company needs them for their brand awareness among doctors.
  • Where are these products going to be used? Are these products going to be kept on desk? Are they going to use it on daily basis?
  • Know customer’s target audience: Is customer targeting to certain age-group? Are these products targeted gender specifically.
  • Customer budget: How much money is customer willing to spend on these? Is he/she rigid about the budget? Is he/she okay with buying any product which is more than his/her given budget?
  • Past products knowledge: It is very important to know about this parameter because almost everyone does not want to give same product every year.

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