Hosting a conference involves lots of planning, with branding often gets left behind for the last moment. It proven fact that Branding is a part of promotion and PR tools. It creates image of company in customers mind. Conference and meetings are the places where branding plays important role because it is place where people notice and recognize a brand more. Corporate gifting is a small token of reminders of the company to show gratitude to our clients. Presenting merchandising gifts to clients in conference can help in
● Fostering the brand awareness
● Reinforcing the brand messaging
● Creating Delighting customer experience and prospects for association
Merchandising gifts also called business gifts, corporate gifts are actually presents that your company gives to important clients and to people who are recognized as giving exemplary service to your business. This is done with use of branding or putting of your company name or logo on these gifts. They strengthen relationships, convey key messages and form a lasting positive reminder of your business. There are many options available in market for merchandising gifting. Some of them are
➢ Name Badge & Lanyards
Name badges are must for conferences. Badges and high-quality lanyards are essential for easily connection with clients. They are available in various colors and designs.

➢ Drinkware
Drinkware designed logo of company can put on conference table or round table. Drinkware includes branded water bottles, plastic cups, coffee cups, coffee sleeves, napkins & coasters.

➢ Office Stationery
Office stationery can be great option. It has various options like file folders, pens, diary, notepad etc. These are available in different variant and designs. We can print our logo on it for remembrance of our brand.

➢ Room Drops
If you organize a conference of two days where you provide accommodation to your guest then you can provide a room drop kit along with them, which create impact on client. Kit includes routine required things, some toffees.

➢ Conference Speaker Gift
Guest Speaker is an integral part of every conference or meeting. Though every speaker is varying in caliber, expertise, popularity etc. So honoring guest speaker by unique gift in form of memento, trophy, rather than monetary gesture.

➢ USB Drives
To promote digital world and support go green movement you can provide USB drives to your clients. USB drives come in variant designs and shapes, which are very useful gift for client. Some types of Pen drives are PVC USB, OTG Pen Drives, Pen with USB, Crystal USB, Wristband USB, Credit card USB.

➢ USB Diaries
USB dairies are another good option for gift to clients in conferences. It is combination of dairy and pen drive, which is helpful for data storing as manual and digital.

If you’re thinking about truly engaging with your conference audience and gaining some valuable marketing with the audience and their following, then you’ve got to give them something to talk about . keep following the blog for more insights.