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Promotional Swags by business enterprises!

People make use of promotional products far more than we can estimate. Often wondered what makes people use these promotional products? Yes, of course they are free but also they add great value to their life.  Statistics shows that nearly 48% of customers like receiving promotional products and almost 89% of the customers can recall the brand by the promotional products they have used in last two years. Also 91 % of the customers have at least one such promotional giveaway in their kitchen. Are you blown away with these facts? So now that you know what strength a promotional product possesses, you must now know how well you can play your cards.

Promotional merchandise is not mere item that you are passing on to the customers in the market rather it is an alternate business card; the brand identity that you are sharing. Receivers of these promotional products have significantly more positive image of a company. As it’s the only advertising medium that is capable of engaging all five senses of the person receiving it than the one who do not receive promotional giveaway. On an average 45 % of these people make use of promotional products once a day.

Check out some of these hit promotional merchandise that people make use daily:

  1. Pen

A pen is an evergreen classic promotional giveaway and all time favorite among the corporate promoting itself as well as the customers. Pen has a wide consumer base in market. It is used by right from a student to a vegetable vendor to corporate personnel. It’s a cost effective and pocket friendly choice of promotional giveaway. The study shows that 56% of the promotional market comprises of such promotional pen merchandise used by people.

     2T-shirtA custom t-shirt with your logo right where it belongs in the front of the people’s eyes for everyone to see it. Free t-shirt is loved by everybody and by all age group. Promotional t-shirt giveaway has the highest recall rate as compared to any other promotional merchandise.  There are huge varieties of designs, colors, prints or styles available for both men and women.  Make a smart choice to imprint your logo on V-Neck, Crew neck, long sleeves, short sleeves t-shirt or tank tops to promote your business. T-shirts are the second largest used promotional products; nearly 53% of people make use daily.  Check this blog here to have a better understanding of why pen and t-shirts are the effective promotional items.

  1. Bag 

Bags are the trending favorites among the female customers if you wish to target.  Women make use of bags more than men. Hand bags, tote bags, accessory bags, eco-friendly jute bags are the biggest brand promotional motivator. Branded bags are available is plenty of colors and style- from traditional to trendy and has over 31% of usage among customers. Get your company logo imprinted on your promotional bags and get it trending in your competitive market.

Click here to know more about bags and why they make the best promotional product.

  1. Key Chain

Key chain is one such item that helps to promote which results into brand recognition.  The greatest thing about key chains is that they are used time and again by the customers and every time it’s used the brand logo is displayed to eyes of the intruders. Key chain is the low cost best promotional merchandise as its usage is wide. They are also used by kids on their school bags or house key, car key, bank locker etc.

Click here to know more about key chains.

  1. Water Bottle & Coffee Mugs

Drink wears like water bottle and coffee mugs are the most interactive items in the world of promotional products. They are frequently used by proactive customers who form a very valuable customer base in market. As people are becoming health conscious and now that they know the importance of drinking water, these logo imprinted drink wears or coffee mugs fulfills to quench their thirst.

Have a look at our blog here to know more about the variety of drink wars.

  1. Lunch box

Encourage people to eat healthy as well as share their yummy and attractive looking lunch box with their office colleagues. Having your logo imprinted on promotional lunch box won’t be missed by anyone and will surely increase brand awareness.

Let your product speak for itself and people do the promotion by using them daily. 
What  are your thoughts on these daily products that adds value to your customer base? Do share your thoughts in our comment section below. offers range of products for promoting so that corporations can purchase for their employees and workforce.  They provide customized power banks, mobile accessories, USB drives,apparel,bags, backpacks, etc. They also provide office accessories such as personal diary, diary planner,calendars, calculators, clocks, with engraving your company’s or your brand name.”

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