How to grow your subscription list for newsletters through giveaway?

The whole world is trending online today. Almost everyone has their own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even their own websites & blogs. Everyone wants to connect to the world, preach about themselves and become famous. Well, a little fame never hurts anyone. Do you often wonder why some sites have more traffic, likes, comments, shares and subscriber? How do they manage to get the bulk number of followers? Well here is the answer to all questions. Famous websites gain followers through contest, giveaways and excellent traffic generating campaign.

With these simple effective ways now gain more followers and fans for your website:

Online Contest

Many famous entertainment companies always hold online contests. For e.g Radio channels host online contest where one can answers to their question using Facebook and twitter. With that they make it necessity to use hashtags, sharing on their timeline and mentioning their name. such contests gives you an added advantage of getting new subscribers to your page, blog or website.

Selfie Contest

People across the world today on an average take 1 million selfies each day. Everyone simply loves to take a selfie of themselves, be it young, adult, old or baby. So might as well you make a use of these selfie to get people on your website. By conducting a best selfie contest or any theme based selfie which can be relating to your products and giveaway prizes in forms of your promotional products. This practice will help you engage your customers as well as add new subscribers to your page waiting for some new contests.

Offers for Limited Time

Nothing attracts the crowd more than limited offers do while conducting your promotional and advertising campaigns in shopping malls or multiplexes. Assist new customers to help to subscribe them to your website and give them some added benefits of subscriptions by promotional giveaways. Also some discount coupons on any future purchase form your website, valid for a limited time. This activity will ensure customer loyalty and brand awareness on social media.

Online Discount Coupons

Discount coupons are that ace card which never fails to win. Making use of different online discount codes at different events or malls will help you bifurcate and know from which promotional event you got maximum traffic of customers to your website.  Apart from this make sure to make your promotional activity very interactive with customers, so that they will at least visit your page once.

Free giveaway

The whole concept of promotional giveaway is to offer your best promotional merchandise to your customers to create your brand awareness and goodwill in the market against your competitors. Not to forget to print your exclusive custom logo and web link on each promotional product that you are distributing. offers range of products for promoting so that corporations can purchase for their employees and workforce.  They provide customized power banks, mobile accessories, USB drives,apparel,bags, backpacks, etc. They also provide office accessories such as personal diary, dairy planner,calendars, calculators, clocks, with engraving your company’s or your brand name.”


What do you think about these innovative strategies for attracting new subscribers and traffic to your web page? Do share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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