Gifting This Monsoon Got Easy! Read The Whole Article To See Our Most Popular Recommendations

Monsoon is near, hardly a few months away. Most companies which as labor force will definitely look for some rain giveaways.
What makes rain giveaways important?
As we all know, the importance of promotional gifting. The main motto behind promotional gifting and giveaways is to remember the brand and catch as many eyeballs you can. We all know how consumers and common people are needy during monsoon. Even they have five to six umbrellas at home,  you still won’t find them at a time or there would be always shortage during the need time.

Certain companies can use this as plus point and if they gift giveaways to their employees, clients, and customers.

Here are few recommendations for these monsoon giveaways:-

  1. Raincoats – Raincoats are the best gifting for monsoon reason. It has good value propositions and good branding space. For labor workers who are in construction industries, this stands out as great giveaways as they need it during rainy seasons. It would be plus point for company too as raincoats have good branding space both front and backward.
  2. Gumboots – For workers such as delivery and courier employees, who are always traveling from one place to another, gumboots would be perfect gifting this rainy season. They have a great value proposition in regards to employee gifting.
  3. Umbrellas – Of course, who doesn’t love umbrella during rainy seasons. No matter how much umbrellas we own, there is always a shortage of umbrellas during heavy rains. Moreover, umbrella also has wide branding space and you have a wide range of color option to choose from. There are also various new umbrellas in the market such as reversible umbrella, wooden handle umbrella, 3-fold umbrella, 2-fold umbrella, Kargil or non-drip umbrella  which is more exquisite than usual umbrellas.
  4. Backpack covers – Almost all of us use backpacks, and waterproof backpacks are one of most needy employee gifting. It has wide branding space. IT and technology companies can gift this to their employees as they usually carry laptops to the workplace while commuting.
  5. Mobile and Gadget covers – During the rainy season, almost all of us take better care of our devices such as mobiles, laptop, power bank, headphones, earphones etc. What better to protect them other than covers? There is wide range waterproof covers for all devices these days and they come with good branding space for your company and brand name.
  6. Garden Umbrella – These are basic necessities for street vendors, local shopkeepers. They have huge branding space which can create as much as eye balls for you and your company. Moreover, they can be used throughout the year, not just limited to monsoon season.

If you are looking for monsoon giveaways then above mentioned gifts are perfect. These giveaways create good value for your brand and company. “ offers a range of products with customized Logo Printing corporations can purchase for their employees and workforce.  They provide customized office accessories such as personal diary, daily planner, calendars, calculator, and clock, with engraving your company’s or your brand name.”

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