Promotional Pendrives evolves a step further with Custom Shaped OTG Pendrives

Why USB drives are best promotional gift for today’s technology world?

Pendrives! The easiest and convenient way to store and retrieve data, anywhere you go.  Pendrives or USBs (Universal Serial Bus) was created with the intention of substitute for floppy disks and drive. Almost every individual owns more than set of pendrives as it is era of technology and data. This is what makes it best promotional item for any gifting purpose.

According to one’s needs , the pendrives are customized as suitable for its branding. There are various promotional pendrives to choose from such as Credit Card Pendrives , Diary with Pendrives , Swivel Pendrives ,Pen with USB , Metal Pendrives, Crystal Pendrives, Leather Pendrives, Wristband Pendrives Wooden Pendrives,  Cube Pendrives , PVC  shaped pendrives and now one more adds to the list Customized shape OTG( On – The – Go ) Pendrives.

What is this OTG Pendrives and how different it is from traditional USB pendrives?
OTG pendrives is different than usual pendrives; it is utilized to connect USB devices directly to your mobile devices such as smartphones, phablets, tablets etc. You can also connect it to USB keyboards, USB mouse or any USB storage devices to your smartphone that is compatible with OTG. For this you don’t need any computer or any third party devices or software to run it. OTG pendrives are very handy to use for as with the help of it we can transfer any data from USBs to anywhere, anytime without any additional hardware or software.

Specifications & features of OTG pendrives

These OTG Pendrives have various memory capacity ranges such as 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and even 64 GB. It is compatible with different operating systems such as MS- Windows, iOS, Mackintosh, Android of all versions, etc. It has speed of USB 2.0 and data transfer speed is read -15mb/sec-25mb/sec & copy -8mb/sec-12mb/sec. Most of these pendrives are shock proof and comes with five years warranty.

 Customshape OTG PVC pendrives in India
These OTG Pendrives can be great deal for promotional gifting as they can be customized in various way according to one’s branding opportunities. They are Metal OTG Pendrives, mini OTG pendrives, Pen with OTG pendrives- that has laser light as well as stylus, swivel OTG pendrives, and customized PVC OTG pendrives.  The PVC pendrives can be designed into any shapes. One can choose their own design e.g logo, object or services they provide and later that design can be developed into PVC shape. is one of India’s most trusted ‘Promotional Merchandise Company’ and it is renowned particularly for promotional pendrives. When it comes to PVC shaped pendrives, provides the best quality and design according to your branding needs. offers range of products for promoting so that corporations can purchase for their employees and workforce.  We provide customized power banks, mobile accessories, USB drives, apparel,bags, backpacks, etc. We  also provide office accessories such as personal diary, dairy planner, calendars, calculators, clocks, with engraving your company’s or your brand name.”

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