Case Study: Most Proudly Used Year End Gifts

Subject: 1. Employees Are Best Brand Ambassadors, Know How?

Product: Custom Logo Embossed Diary with Pen drive 

OBJECTIVE: An International Networking equipment provider of about 25,000 people wanted to give a product that would give them good productivity, good shelf-life and be distributed in a very efficient way throughout the employees as an memorable Year end gift.

Solution: Customshape Consultant advised TECHNO-DIARY with detachable USB strap which highly useful in office and helps position your organization in a very favorable light to stay ahead in employee retention battles. Employees can act as brand ambassadors for your company with visible logoed items that they use with pride.

Result or ROIThe PRODUCT was very well received.  Several recipients remarked on their approval of the design and thought behind the product.  The USB strap being detachable made it an instant favorite that people said they were excited to use it immediately. The client has since been repeating the order for more employees.

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