Case Study: Let your bond with Channel Partners be Stronger always

Channel Partners are considered to be the Pillars in Expanding the Business. They are the retailers, distributors, and sellers of the company. There are many importances to be discussed about the Channel Partners, which you can find here.

If they are such importance to the company then the company is obliged to appreciate their hard works in return as compliments. Is just appreciating through few words enough? Not at all, appreciating with good words touches the heart and appreciating through any gift remains in heart forever.


The company named as “Shaktiman” came out with a situation where they wanted to gift for their Channel Partners, retailers, distributors, sellers, and for those who visit them. CustomShape is glad and pleasure for to help out with perfect solutions to the challenges that each company faces. The “Shaktiman” wanted to give their appreciation to their Channel Partners through a gift as a token of love. The gift should be simple, unique, attractive, useful, and affordable.


As the Core Values and Importance of the Channel Partnership of the “Shaktiman” are being considered, the CustomShape recommended with the set of Branded Pierre Cardin Pens – which makes anybody to write from their heart and Schmidt Refill.

About the Product

The set of Branded Pierre Cardin Pen and the Schmidt Refill is a perfect gift for the Channel Partners. The pen is made up of the metal body and writes smoothly; where as the purpose of refill is known by us all.

Pierre Cardin Pen – it is an attractive slim pen with the metal body that catches the eyeballs of the viewers. It is very to smooth and easy flow in writing with this kind of pen.

Schmidt Refill – it is an attachment along with the pen. If the ink in the pen gets dried off then it can be refilled and reused.

This set is packed by the wooden box; on the top of the box, the Logo of the “Shaktiman” is engraved. It is a simple and unique gift as per the requirement of the company. It is also affordable for the company. The set also holds on to the quality of keeping the bond of the relationship among the Company and the Channel Partners. Thus, with the help of this simple gift, keep up the bond with your Channel Partners always.

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