Case Study: Lanyard Pendrives, carry it along wherever you go

Varian Medical Systems are on the mission of saving lives. In order to meet their challenge, they equip the world with the tools that are more effective to save a life. Since 1950s to till now they have been among the top solution provider when it comes to the talk about the life-saving.

Many reached out to them with the same mission of lifesaving and required the high-quality pieces of equipment. Varian didn’t stop their mission up till here. Varian wanted to expand their brand awareness and among all the doctors, physicians, clinicians, surgeons, and all those who are with the same mission of saving lives through promotional giveaways. Thus, it became the big challenge for Varian.


Varian wanted to explore themselves to the doctors, physicians, clinicians, and surgeons all over the Universe. They wanted a pen drive, as a promotional product, which has to be different from other Pendrives, which should be unique than any pen drives that are now available in our websites. They wanted that to be carried away anywhere but not like OTG Pen drives. It should be like store the data and carry it anywhere. CustomShape with glad and pride accepted the challenge and gave the solution.


As they came up with such dilemma, CustomShape’s sales associate recommended the pen drive different phase. The pen drive was attached with the lanyard so that it could be carried around to anywhere and everywhere. It also had the magnetic grip to hold on to the pen drive so that it may not fall.

Lanyard – It is very helpful to have lanyard, which held the pen drive. If we carry the pen drive in our hands and go around, then chances are there to lose the pen drive. We may forget at times. But if lanyard in attached then it will be hung around the neck and will always be with us.

Magnetic Grip – It is for sure that to hang the pen drive with the lanyard, it needs some support to be hung else the pen drive will fall from lanyard. Thus, Magnetic Grip is provided in the cap of the pen drive, which holds on the pen drive with its energy.

Thus, this pen drive gave more satisfaction to the Varian team and they are now happy to give this pen drive to all as a promotional product. offers range of products for promoting so that corporations can purchase for their employees and workforce.  We provide customized power banksmobile accessoriesUSB drivesapparel,bags, backpacks, etc. We  also provide office accessories such as personal diary, diary plannercalendars, calculators, clocks, with engraving your company’s or your brand name.”

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