Case Study : GOQii and its Diwali Giveaway!

To promote health with this sweet reason !

Almost every corporate and organizations gives away during Diwali season. They either send their regards and wishes with their promotional products. Companies know that in order to build a good client relationship, giveaways during festive seasons are best way to endure. This Diwali season got lot of requests this Diwali seasons and we have been able to deliver to big companies like Bajaj Allianz, Renault and even GOQii.

Unlike other companies GOQii wanted something related health for their customers. sales person understood their requirements by asking various questions. Who are their audience? What kind of healthiness product they need? After careful understanding of all elements, our sales person provided a solution to gift Yoga mat for their audience.

Why Yoga mat?

Yoga mat is one of the key products which every healthiness freak will use it. Consumers or customers will remember the brand name, if the company gifts utilization products. Yoga mats are available in many colors and patterns. “Alignment mats” are printed with guides to proper alignment. Some companies print custom images on mats.

With the help of Yoga mats one may stop injuries from happening which are caused due to slippery surface. It is advised by many trainers that one should perform yoga with yoga mat rather than bare floor. The mat keeps your body warm and the energy which is generated is within your body rather than passed on to the floor. Children can also perform yoga which is very good and you can find mats of their size too.

How did customize it according to GOQii?

We provided them with Yoga mats with various different colors. There was wide print of their tag line.
It also had their logo GOQii. We must have delivered them more than 380 Yoga mats. GOQii shipped these yoga mats to their consumers individually as Diwali giveaways.