Case Study : Discover the Unity with Apparels

Over two decades, Biostadt has been serving for the welfare of the farmers. They have created their history by expanding their business in different levels. Their vision is to reach out to the farmers and help them in all the ways that are possible to resolve their struggles.

They also provide products with the high-quality which are used in the farming, including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, hybrid seeds, Aqua products and farm services. Though they have been into this business, yet they wanted to have more improvement in their business. Thus, they reached out to CustomShape.


CustomShape recognized what they actually were in need of. They wanted to show the unity among their employees. They wanted best quality apparels for their employees to wear on if they go for any event or in the company itself. They particularly were very keen about the best quality of the product. All their queries were related to the quality alone.

They had four departments under their organization such as Crop Care, Aqua Health Care, Ingene Organics, and Nandi Hi-Q Seeds, for these entire departments they needed four different types of apparels as uniforms.


CustomShape’s sales department has suggested the best quality apparels for them. Four different types of Shirts with different colors and logo imprinted with four different logos for each department with their names. Also for the organization, T-shirts with the logo of Biostadt were made as common uniform. Overall 5000 apparels were prepared for them and delivered within a week to Gujarat since they needed insistently.

About the Product

There are huge ranges and varieties in the apparels. As per the requirement made by the Biostadt team, CustomShape provided them the high-quality fabrics. They even made some test for the product by washing, in order to check the quality of the fabrics and the logo imprinted on it as well.


Shirts were of four different colors with four different logos with respect to the four departments i.e., Crop Care, Aqua Health Care, Ingene Organics, and Nandi Hi-Q Seeds respectively. The logos were printed on the left side of the shirt, above the chest pocket.


T-shirts were all same as they were for the purpose of the entire organization. The logos of Biostadt and BFA were imprinted on the left chest side and both the hands of the t-shirts. The fabrics were too impressive for the Biostadt Team.

Finally, the delivered is made within a week as it was the rush hour delivery. The client was too impressive and satisfied after receiving the best quality of apparels at the reasonable price. Biostadt has now become one among our happy clients.