Why is Bundle Gifting Is the Best Way to Boost the Sales of Your Product & Brand Name?

I realized the magic of bundle gifting when I went for grocery shopping. Every time two, three or more products were bundled together and sold a free complimentary gift was offered, it got me excited. I was more tempted to buy such products. These products were packaged also attractively. What more, I observed that other customers were keen on picking up such products.

Bundle gifting is a strategy where two or more products are packaged and given away as a gift. The packaging of the products is very attractive. In most cases, the products are similar – or related.

When it comes to promotional products, bundle gifting simply works every time. Bundle gifting is associated with a lot of customer excitement and curiosity. The packaging and the choice of gifts can be varied to make a great impression on the consumer. Bundle gifting your promotional product can create a lasting impression on your customers, who would immediately recall your brand and your product. The favorable impression and the exposure of your brand can boost the sales of your products.

Types of Bundle Gifting

  1. Magazines/Novels :Magazines and novels can be bundled together and given as gifts. Novels can be three different novels or a book series. Packed attractively, magazines and novels make great bundle gifts.
  2. Food Products/Snacks: Food products and snacks can be bundled and given away during festivals, events or any occasions. Within the packaging, various types of food products can be combined. Food bundle gifts are not only economical, but they are sure to impress the consumer immediately.
  3. Power Banks/Pen Drives: Electronic bundle gift are exciting and are sure to grab the attention of your consumer. Some of the electronic products that can be bundled include power banks, pen drives, fitness trackers, etc. Since the electronic products are used frequently and over long periods of time, the brand exposure is very high.
  4. Stationery: You can bundle stationery such as pen, diary/planner, and marker and give it as a gifts. Stationery items are used often and are also economical. They are also used over a long period of time.

Examples of Bundle Gifting by Companies:

Many of the leading companies have successfully used the strategy of bundle gifting. Here are few examples:

Horlicks: The malted milk hot drink brand often uses bundle gifting to increase sales and branding. The company offers a free sipper, mug, tumbler, pen set or even products such as corn flakes, tooth paste or soaps.

Spykar: Spykar, the leading fashion Jeans wear brand, uses bundle gifting to boost the sales of its products.  The company has been offering free Bluetooth speakers, watches, etc. on the purchase more units of its products including jeans, shirts, etc.

Levi’s: The top clothing brand regularly uses bundle gifting to attract more customers. The company launches offers such as: free jeans for the purchase of multiple jeans or 500 rupees off on a purchase of 2500, or a backpack for a purchase of more than 5000 rupees of merchandise.

Nescafé: Nestlé‘s coffee brand always have something new to offer. There complimentary gifts are exciting and different. During summer they gift cold coffee shakers, someti
mes they also provide famous personalities autographed coffee mugs and much more.

Large corporations are making the most of bundle gifting by combining interesting products into attractive packages. Bundle gifting can benefit even small companies as the investment need not be high. A little bit of creativity and thought is sure to impress your consumers and boost sales.

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