Best Way To Start The New Year Is With Diaries And Planner – Promotional Gifting

It just two months remaining for the new year and soon will the festive season will start that includes Thanksgiving, Christmas and new year too. With forthcoming New Year, new resolutions, new planning, new goals will be intended by every individual in order to be more productive. Companies, organizations and enterprises will also plan on New Year gifting for their employees, clients and their channel partners.

The best suitable gifts for New Year Gifting are planner, diaries and calendar. Although, in this era of technology with lot of online planners, note applications, emails and calendars; people still use diaries and journal entries.

What makes Diary and Year planner best gift?

  • Studies show that, when we write it down, we tend to remember it more accurately. What best way to write down other than your diaries and planner.
  • One can write down important dates, birthdays and anything related to dates.
  • It is very resourceful during meetings as their will be agendas and pointers to be note down. One can do this according to the dates.
  • With advance technology, planners and diaries comes with various extras like connected USB, power bank, connector and so on.
  • It has specific pages to fill out personal memorandum, basic health-guide, and first aid instruction. It has International dialing codes, important national holidays to remember.
  • It has World Time Chart, World Maps, and year planner. It has information on container details for exports and imports. It has reference calendar too.

Here are some options, if you are planning to gift diary.

Diary with USB:-

It has slim USB drive which is attached to the Diary, which makes easy for anyone to carry their information and data in an electronic medium without getting it lost. The capacity of USB drive can range from 4, 8, 16 and 32 GB memory capacity. The drive is compatible with both Windows and Mackintosh. It has wide and good area for branding space. Branding type can be Screen printing, embossing or whichever is suitable for you.

Diary with USB & Pen:-

It has similar features like Dairy with USB. The capacity goes similar like 4, 8, 16 and 32 GB memory capacity. It is also compatible with windows and mackintosh. It has pen holder and comes with pen. It has more than 150 pages to write upon.

Diary with Power Bank:-

Unlike other usual diaries, this diary comes with powerbank which is 3000 mAh. It has various connectors and charging wires for both Androids and iPhones too. It has LED indicators. It has Type-C connector so that it can be connected with laptop or PC.

Below are the new diary products available :-

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