2018 Promotional Product Trends to Guide in your Marketing Strategy

“Promo product trends don’t exist in a silo from everything else that’s happening in the world,” says Daniel Levine, a trend expert.

Continuous changes in promo trends is due to growing economy and tough competition in market. Strong marketing strategy can play a winning role in current marketing scenario to support brand name which will do a reality check on those dreams of success.

Every organization makes their strategy for survive in this market scenario but not everyone survive here. some of them have visionary leaders running the show, others have huge budgets and some just struck it lucky with a viral campaign. Let’s go through an example of an Zomato.

Zomato – Quirky and quick-witted; they make use of every opportunity.

A name every foodie knows; just talking about Zomato multiple social media channels. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, they understand their audience and reach out to them without leaving any opportunities. Tempting pictures of delicious food, quirky blog posts, and witty comebacks have made gets the taste buds tingling. They now have a top-of-mind presence, kudos to their creative and engaging content on them one of the best. One such example was when Kanan Gill tried to take a dig at Zomato:

Obviously, Zomato played their cards right, yet again.


As Zomato used this marketing strategy for customer attention but some companies using promotional trends to attract their client from apparels to stationary to drinkware and to everything that available in market. Promotional product trends in 2018 are:

Trend #1: Fitness Band

Every organization today promote healthy lifestyle – something that employees and customers love to see. Fit band is one of the products. It measures heart rate, Blood pressure, step counts etc. It looks like a smart watch with stylish and sleek design.

Trend #2: Merchandising clock

Merchandising clock is another option for marketers for their clients and employees. Marketers can Merchandise their logo or any small message on wall clocks according to them.

Trend #3:  USB DAIRIES

USB Dairy is combination of an USB drive and dairy. It is very useful as client or employees can store their data digitally as well as manually together.

Trend #4: E-cards

Sending cards to any occasion as a present or wishes is in our culture. In digital era sending customized e-cards to our clients and employees can delights them.

Trend #5: Bags

Marketers presenting customized bags with the message of GO GREEN in the support of GO GREEN movement as a replacement of plastic bags.

Trend #6: Smart Cube

Smart Cube is ultimate desktop accessory. Its creative design and multi functional feature makes it very attractive. When it is form of cube its shows your brand identity. When you dismounted cube it reveals a pen holder, smart phone holder, notepad holder, sticky notes and business card holder in it.

These are some of trends which is popular but there are   many more trends that can follow by marketer. It all depends on company’ s nature and their marketing strategies for achieving their goals.